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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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control. the total acreage between the five fires is about 30 acres. at the peak of this incident, we had 30 fire engines, two h helicopters, two air tankers -- >> reporter: we want to show you this fire, we believe it was the second one in the series. this property belongs to an owner of the bradley trucking company and what is burning are trucks, vintage cars and a storage area. a propane tank also exploded. >> he's 62, everything he had is gone. this is his life. he didn't have any insurance or anything. i don't know what he's going to do. i really don't. >> reporter: knightsville elementary school was evacuated for a while. firefighters say they will be out here for hours looking for hot spots. reporting live in nightson, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a huge hit for the economy. on wall street stocks took a beating. and at the stock market this is
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a sound investors were listening for today. >> reporter: the end, stocks were getting hammered and it got worse as the session went on. through the day the dow dropped 300 then 400 and finally at the close it was down more than 500 points. it finished at 11,383. a one day loss of 4.3%. the nasdaq lost 136 points setting more than 5%. so what's going on? ktvu consumer editor tom vacar has been closely watching the action on wall street and is live in san francisco now with what it means on main street, tom. >> reporter: have a look at this, today the stock market turned this into this. >> reporter: whether at a farmers market or the shopping market in orinta the stock marketplaces a factor. >> it makes my nervous about if we're going to recover fully or
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how long it's going to take us to recover. >> i noticed the stock market figures today, i don't understand it completely but it causes me a concern and worry. >> reporter: to orinda's tom taft, one day is not a concern. >> i will check the numbers occasionally, but i'm in it for the long haul. >> reporter: the drop today took out $1 out of every 10 you had in the stock market. you've lost more than 12-cents on the dollar. since the all time high you've lost nearly a quarter. >> tomorrow we'll really be the tell. and if it continues to go down, then we'll start taking pause. >> reporter: for millions the hurt is right now. >> it affects our parents who are living off the stock market
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basically. and not having that income there that they once had there. >> reporter: one walnut creek contractor blames the obama administration and to a lesser extent the media. >> i'm starting to not watch the news anymore, it gets so depressing. it's just not getting any better, it seems to be getting worse. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, how all this news is affecting our shopping. and officers in san francisco, trade -- at offices in san francisco traders could only hang on as they watched the stocks drop. it was a miserable day as the dow went in the dumps and the s & p sank. it seemed to be crisis over seas and politics here at home. >> you're seeing people say, i'm going to take some money off the shelf. i'm going to try to find some sort of protection. >> reporter: while a lot of
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sellers lost money today, some buyers found some real bargains out there. our coverage of the stock market plunge continues online. you can go to our website and click on the wall street tab on the top of the page. thousands of workers with the federal aviation administration may soon be able to return to work. a vote is expected in the senate tomorrow. the funding crisis left 74,000 transportation and construction workers without a job. it also brought more than 200 airport prompts to a halt. incolludeing the new air traffic control tower construction at oakland international. david stevenson in sacramento with how the deal could affect construction there. >> reporter: even with a temporary deal there is anxiety at big airports about big projects and the jobs those projects are supposed to create.
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electrician belfrey learned her trade at san francisco international airport 12 years ago she's hoping to work there again soon. >> i've been out of work for three years now. on the books waiting for some projects to break so i can take care of my family. >> reporter: the partial shut down of the federal aviation meant sfo could not get $12 million to refurbish a taxi way. >> our new tower, all these projects are in the works in the planning stages and nobody is reviewing the plans. nobody is coordinating with us on construction schedules or anything like that. >> reporter: the airport is working on its half finished tower grinding to a halt. news today took bay area lawmakers by surprise. >> that's great news. that's great great news. >> reporter: senator barbara boxer this afternoon said the faa crisis represented the worse in political partisan
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bickering. >> i think it's a new motive of government by threats and government by passage taking. >> reporter: even a temporary deal makes a big difference. >> that means work breaks that a lot of the books will be cleared and people like me can go back to work. >> reporter: senator boxer also said today she wants answers from airlines that collected and pocketed faa mandated fees from passengers. fees that are supposed to pay for airport work. reporting live from san francisco international airport, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a transgender woman who worked for the transportation security has reached a settlement with the federal government over her firing. ashley yang told her bosses about her gender reassignment surgery. they told her she still had to
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use the male bathroom and pat down only male passengers. tsa managers at l.a.x. will under go sensitivity training. a meeting is set to start in an hour in east palo alto. police officers will listen to what residents had to say. most violent crime has lessened this year from last expect for homicides. those are up 50% with five recent killings. >> we are still looking at pretty significant reductions in over all crime and violence that despite being troubling, at least three of the five homicidings are related. that their tips have been tremendous in providing leads in all five homicide -- homicides. >> reporter: arrests have been made and others are expected. we'll have a live report on the town hall meeting ahead at 6:00. family and friends of two uc berkeley graduates jailed in iran wonder if the pair could
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be coming home soon. iran held a trial on espionage last weekend for bouer and fattal. oakland's mayor and police have been addressing the spike in homicides. four people were shot and killed last weekend alone including a 16-year-old boy. among other steps the city is reinstating 32 laid off police officers. and the mayor has requested more resources from the state and federal government. >> i really believe that taking on crime the whole city has to do it and we have to stand together. we have to say to people it's not acceptable. >> i sat down with the mothers
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and relatives of murder victims last week. and it brought a chill to me to sit down and listen to these mothers and the pain that they have as a whole. so i stay very close to this. mayor quan also plans to reach out to oakland residents who attended this week's national night out party to ask them to take a part in the fight against crime. presidential election doesn't take place until next year, but candidates have been very busy stomping in iowa. newt gingrich is canvassing the state this week. he held a meet and greet pushing for reform and other regulations. gingrich accused president obama of creating bureaucratic socialism. he also plans stops in des moines. the former minnesota governor plans to campaign for
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eight straight days in iowa covering 26 cities and more than 1,300 miles. pawlenty has been running tv campaigns. staffers say the money will be spent on phone banks and mail? schwarzenegger is speaking to a business group. the former governor has stayed out of the limelight for the last few months. tonight's speech is his latest major announcement since may. last month his wife maria shiver filed for divorce. a sacramento county judge today issued a ruling in the case of esteban nunez son of fabian nunez. esteban nunez pled guilty to
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killing a man. the victim's family and the san diego da filed separate lawsuits to get the full sentence reinstated and today the judge ruled those cases may be combined. basic concerns on the streets of vallejo, some were taking grapes like these out of the ground, coming up i'll explain to you why there's very little they can do with them. and back here in 10 minutes, temperatures much cooler today, as much as 12 to 13 degrees in some spots. we are going to warm up. i'll tell you which cities will warm tomorrow.
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oakland police say they have surveillance video showing a man trying to steal cooper fixtures. city officials say they are taking inventory of all the brass fittings so that metal recyclers will not take pieces
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of oakland's history if thieves ever do succeed. the grates that cover storm drains have also recently disappeared. storm water managers say they are expensive but paul chambers tells us why thieves will have a hard time selling them. >> reporter: metal grates carry storm water through an under ground system to the bay. >> the last couple of weeks we've had 11 stolen and i know caltrans manages some grates as well they've had at least eight. >> reporter: to replace a missing grate will cause the district $300 a pop. they can weigh 40 to 150 pounds. i am a pretty strong guy myself but i can barely move this by myself. but once removed it leaves a hole and that's a concern. >> someone jogging, somebody with their dog may come and not see the hole in the ground and
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fall into it and hurt themselves. >> reporter: right now metal experts say they will pay between 200 and 350 pounds a pound for metal. >> we don't accept metal grates from anyone but the city. we don't buy less than 1,000 pounds. those people will be offered to drop it off only. >> reporter: the sanitation district is offering help from residents. if you see a missing grate, call so they can replace it as soon as possible. fremont police are investigating an accident this morning that killed a pedestrian. a car traveling westbound on stevenson hit two other cars then struck the pedestrian in the crosswalk. she died at the scene. police say there was no immediate indication the driver was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. the crash investigation blocked traffic in that area for about
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four hours. two window washers were plucked to safety from a san francisco high rise where they were lift dangling for half an hour this morning. they were working on berry street on a condo building. the scaffolding was practically lateral as you see here. they were able to rescue one man, his nephew fell and had to be taken to the hospital. >> all of a sudden there's a guy hanging on ropes outside my window. >> reporter: cal osha is investigating whether the scaffolding collapsed because
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of operator error or damage. the san francisco company has set aside $3 million to cover liability issues from that blast. the explosion killed eight people and destroyed 35 homes. stanford university is getting a high grade when it comes to its performance. stanford is number five on the forbes magazine list of top colleges. williams college of massachusetts is number one followed by princeton, west point and amherst college. it based the list on quality of teaching, graduation rate and low levels of debt incurred by students. for a couple of weeks now our chief meteorologist bill martin has been talking about incremental changes. but bill, the change you talked about last night we could really feel it today. >> this is more than incremental. the fog grew very quickly, it went well inland. we're looking outside right now and you can see that tonight's forecast overnight lows are
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going to be mainly in the 50s. as we take a look at the fog out there, you can see there's a doze of it already moving in. that's how w17 is west at 17 at the gate or that's at san francisco airport. so you have a big wind like this. there's a strong push tonight of low clouds. tomorrow we're going to see more rapid burn off. high pressure has intensified and as that high intensifies we're going to see temperatures come back into the -- upper 70s and low 80s. drizzle to the tune of .001 .01 of an inch. it was a heavy mist. especially around half-moon bay. it happened again tonight. i think .02 of an inch drizzle is significant for that type of
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event. look forward to it again tonight. the next few days it flat lines. we talked about it last night, we talked about tonight being the coolest. i would not call it a warm up but we're going to come up about 5 degrees. tomorrow morning look for low clouds and fog and drizzle right along the coast and inland. it burns off rapidly, by the afternoon temperatures come up a good five, some places 10 degrees. because we're going do see a more rapid burn off. this fog is not going any where, hanging out through next week, into next week and maybe into next week. seems to be with us for the last eight months. it's sticking around. tomorrow as you move through the microclimates very similar to today. as you move through the inner valleys instead of 60s and low 70s they start to come out. so out in the livermore valley look for 83, 84 degrees out
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toward antioch, pittsburgh and vacaville, fairfield. that is by no means hot but certainly warmer than the 70s that we saw today. i'll see you back here in about 15 minutes. i'm going to have the complete forecast, we'll look at the weekend more directly. storm emily has fallen apart. the storm is still packing a bit of a punch soaking haiti and parts of the dominican republic. some evacuations were ordered because of flooding but no deaths were reported. the national hurricane center says there's still a risk of flooding and mud slides. some students have lost their spot in dorms but wait until you see the housing choice they've been offered instead. it's one of the biggest road construction projects on the peninsula. but there's tunnel trouble at devil slide. why it could open much later than expected. a government guide to help
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eating but can you afford to follow it? we take a closer look at the cost of healthy eating. a tax passed years ago was supposed to go to community organizizations but it hasn't. learn why the city is holding on to the money the this year.
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sis, help me create my oasis. ok, romantic garden? oh, is there a castle nearby? no, but there's a charming farmhouse. right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister. get your annual ikea catalog today. this is a sketch of a gunman spotted today at virginia tech university. three 14-year-olds attending an academic camp reported seeing a man carrying what they said was a gun. police did not find the gunman, the lock down has been lifted. the school used the notification system it put into place after the mass shooting there four years ago that left 32 people dead. a phony 911 call last night
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sent the san francisco police s.w.a.t. team. s.w.a.t. was called out, police finally reached the family around midnight, they said they were fine. police entered the home just to make sure. san francisco police took a man into custody today after a shooting in the paternal hill neighborhood. happened around 7:30 this morning. the victim was a woman who was wounded in the ankle. show told officers the suspect tried to rob her before the shooting. police have not released the name of a suspected robbery. a group of citizens say it hopes to set up jobs by setting up call centers across the country. the group is working hand in hand with the fcc. the fcc is involved because the plan centers around places that just received high speed broad band technology. president obama turned 50 years old today and in his
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honor a high school marching  band serenaded the white house with the birthday song. you've heard it and let's hear it for the president right now. >> ♪ >> the president is celebrating his birth day tonight with family and members of his staff. he plans a weekend get away to camp david, the presidential retreat. last night the president marked his birthday with a gala concert, campaign fundraiser and dinner. we'll tell you about the marine center and how a sea lion just like this one made history. we're live in richmond at the campus of the state department of public health following the salmonella outbreak one that in the past may have gone unnoticed or not detected as quickly. p.pñççe". q
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after yesterday's massive turkey recall consumers are wondering if their food is safe to eat. if ár for many people turkey is high on their list of healthy foods. ktvu's ken pritchett live with the simple steps we can all take to make sure we don't get sick. we're here on the campus of the state department of public health here in richmond, they say salmonella is found in a certain percentage of poultry and turkey. but until the end it is the customer that can prevend contamination and illness. anthony ponteneli says grinding up turkey is a growing routine for a growing customer demand. >> we go through a good many 30
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pounds of turkey a day. we grind every day. >> reporter: he says sanitation with any poultry is a must. >> it's just a matter of making sure you treat it properly when you pick it up from the grocery store to the time you get it hope. >> reporter: some people are treating ground turkey like ground beef and not cooking it to 150 degrees. >> i think people need to treat all raw meats essentially like they are contaminated. >> reporter: salmonella outbreaks may seem more common, but gillis says better detection may be uncovering cases that may be linked to a source. >> you may have never figured out in the past, when you have a few people in california, a
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few people in texas, minnesota, wisconsin, oregon. >> reporter: the contaminated and recalled ground turkey was processed at a plant back east. and the list of products that it was found in is too long to list right here. but you can find that list on our website at ktv in richmond, ken pritchett. a pair of rescued sea lions are back in the pacific ocean tonight. they mark a major milestone. christien kafton is at that center and tells us what one of those animals was named to mark that occasion. >> reporter: 10,000 sea lions have come to the marine center since it opened in doors in 1975. but the work continues here. you can see the center is full of animals waiting to be released back into the water. >> they were both very skinny. very lethargic. they did not respond much
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unless they really had to. >> reporter: today after a lengthy hospital stay and a round of antibiotics, the two sea lions were ready for the wild. >> they've been in a foreign hospital for over a month. so for them to see the ocean has to be a thrilling moment for them. >> shelby stout coordinated the opening of the cages and volunteers corralled the sea lions back to the water and within seconds, zodiak girl and milestone were back in the water. >> it lets us know that we are doing our job. because our job is to get them healthy but keep them wild.
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>> reporter: and the mcavoy family was there to see the' case. >> we just happen to be here from seattle so this was a great occasion. >> reporter: the volunteers say their work here is far from over. christien kafton, ktvu news. as we reported for you two weeks ago, construction workers hit a snag as they worked their way through the montero mountain along highway 1 and hoof man bay. they hope to have the work done within six months to a year. caltrans now says it should be down by late 2012. caltrans ran into some tougher rock and had to bring in equipment for the work. the lake merritt detour will move cyclists on to a
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newly constructed bridge. once the work is done, bicyclists and pedestrians will be able to return. a texas jury deliberated a little more than three hours before it convicted polygamist leader warren jeffs of sex charges. jeffs is the leader of the group that believes multiple wives are the key to heaven. jeffs was charged with having sex with girls as young as 12 years old and he says they are his wives. jeffs acted as his own attorney. the judge gave him 30 minutes to make a closing argument today. jeff stood silent nearly all of that time, speaking only once during those 30 minutes to say, i am peace.
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here is a picture of a missing man, maurice james. he is said to be depressed. anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call authorities. the sister of mark zuckerberg is leaving facebook to start her own business. it will help companies become more social. zuckerberg has been on maternity leave after the birth of her first child. a review of a quarter million medical records between 1996 and 2008 show that the number of antidepressant medications has doubled. regulators need to watch
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closely to make sure antidepressants are not prescribed inappropriately. the claim a former beatle member is making that may thrust him a scandal. and the deal between owners and players that was ratified today. okay, kids, we can record one more show. who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. okay, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. ooh, fun, yeah.
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former beatle paul mccarney has been -- grouper murdoch's corp. has been accused of hacking into news subjects. and the lead of the company says it will review its services. it did not provide further details. supporters of breast- feeding rallied today as part of breast-feeding awareness week. >> those on hand applauded speakers who talked about the benefits of breast-feeding. advocates say awareness programs are having an impact.
5:39 pm
they gave the number of moms who breast-feed for their child's first year of life has nearly doubled from 11: 11% to almost 20% in this past year. liquid water on mars? scientists say something as thick and briney as this could support life. and it cooled down big time today. i'll show you a warm up i think you will like. a government guide to healthy eating but can you afford to follow it? >> food is expensive, there's no doubt about it. >> we take a closer look at healthy eating. and a tax was supposed to go to community organizizations but it hasn't. learn why the city is holding on to the money this year. and big money is being spent to bring bigger ships to the area. but can we handle the traffic on land? hear what truckers have having
5:40 pm
to say about thedilemma, next on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. what does home feel like? it's in the smiles of deserving americans who see their old homes rebuilt and communities restored. share the feeling of home.
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it was a happy homecoming for the uss cleveland. the ship and its crew spent the last months in the south pacific providing care. the navy plans to decommission the cleveland later this year. a major discovery on mars. nasa says it found what looks like water flowing today. health and science editor john fowler here now with what this could mean when it comes to finding life on the planet. >> the prospects of life on mar or the findings of it any way just got a lot stranger because of a syrupy form of water. >> reporter: where's there's liquid water there's life. look at these sequences of mars close ups, seasonal images taken from mars orbit. watch the dark stains come and go. scientists say analysis says something is flowing down slopes on mars. >> i think this is the best
5:43 pm
evidence we have to date of a liquid water occurring today on mars. >> reporter: scientists say ordinary water would simply boil off. the atmospheric pressure on mars is too low. sea water would also boil off. they think it might be a syrup, briney and thick like this. still liquid. still possibly able to support life. >> i think this is an eye opening discovery. >> reporter: in time lapse, the syrupy stuff seems to seep out of bedrock like this along the canyon. a soggy spot seems to come and go on a gully bottom. they may have found thousands of swimming pools filled with syrupy saltwater. spread in places where temperatures can reach 80 degrees. >> the salt and liquid water provide the opportunity for
5:44 pm
organisms to be viable. >> reporter: perhaps in kind of seasonal marshes. >> you can go and investigate if there is life operating on that planet. >> reporter: scientists tell me it could take seven years to build a center rover. julie haener is live in the newsroom with the stories we're waorbging on for -- work we'ring on for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> reporter: the question it is community have for officers and city leaders about the fight on street crime there. >> reporter: families may be getting priced out of healthy eating. plus a berkeley man jumps out of a second floor window to avoid police. what broke his fall and why he
5:45 pm
finally surrendered. all coming up at 6:00. governor brown signed a bill that charges families $150 year for fire protection. they are essentially paying twice for a state service. >> the role of state government, the number one role in my mind is public safety. so why are they not being provided basic fire service in an area of land that the state of california is responsible for? >> backers of the measure have until october 6 to collect the more than half a million signatures needed to put the measure on next june's ballot. back to our chief meteorologist bill martin, we talked about the cooling we've been feeling but there are warmer temperatures in store. let's go to bill for that. >> significant cooling today. numbers went down a good 10 to 14 degrees over yesterday's highs. here's something interesting now. let's go to redding here, 89 degrees right now. that's well below what you would expect for this time of
5:46 pm
day. 84 for sacramento. temperatures in the central valley are really a good 10 degrees where they should be. it's been very cool not just in the bay region but in the entire state. that is illustrated by the low number, absolutely the low number of fires that we've had this fire season. so right now, you have these are the highs, the officials highs from today. 74 in napa. a pleasant day. we were talking about drizzle earlier. half-moon bay .12 drizzle in half-moon bay. that's a lot. that's a rain event basically. half-moon bay over .1 of an inch of drizzle. we'll warm up today, will have been the coolest day of the week. still more fog and cloud tonight. drizzle back in the forecast. perhaps not as intense as what we saw this morning in the avenues of san francisco. but the familiar scene, that
5:47 pm
fog pushing well inland up into the delta and up into sacramento in. this is what is kind of surprising me, how much of a cooling effect it's having in redding. not in the 90s they're in the eight 80s. you expect these numbers to be in the 90 and near 100. this summer has been with this pattern and this low pressure center. at times clouds, at time drizzle. this has been our whole summer. this is how it goes as it goes right through the rest of the week and next week. there are no big changes in the bay forecast. we're not expecting any fire danger, no spare the air days. 80 in san helena. 78 in napa. as you get up over the east bay hill, it's quite pleasant. i know folks out in sacramento are enjoying the mid-80s. where often it's so hot in sacramento and davis that it's
5:48 pm
difficult to move around in the mid-afternoon hours. not last week, not this coming week after this. 67 in san bruno tomorrow. 73 in san mateo. your forecast looks like this and i definitely do sound like a broken record. somebody the other day e-mailed in, he said there's your weekend always in view. he said you know how much times you say fog. it was a lot. i counted it up. that's my main weather feature and that's been the way it's been. >> it's better than record high temperatures. people having to go to cooling centers things we are seeing in other parts of the country. >> it's pretty great. think about how much the electrical costs have gone down. >> thanks, bill. the nfl has become the first major u.s. professional league to test the players for human growth hormone. the players ratified a contract that includes that provision. the goal is to start testing by the first week of the regular season this year. an official announcement about
5:49 pm
the drug testing policy has not been made. major league baseball has launched a formal investigation into new york yankees star alex rodriguez. the league is looking into allegations that a rod was a regular player in under ground illegal poker games. the high stake games allegedly involved violent thugs who would threaten players. earlier a. rod was a target of a steroids investigation. now some students will have an unusual choice when it comes to their living quarters. >> yesterday, we were very pleased to announce that the clarion had agreed to provide housing for just over 100 students. >> it's three miles from campus, far from the library and the cafeteria but this housing option comes with
5:50 pm
weekly maid service, a pool and spa and a restaurant. they lost their spot in the dorm when 4,000 freshman accepted admission to san jose state for the fall. that compares to 2,700 last year. so the university was pretty much forced to balance about 100 -- bounce about 100 student from the dorms. >> it was tough news when folks heard they were living off campus. we're going to do everything we can to keep people safe. to keep them comfortable, to provide them with the same sorts of programming that we provide on campus. >> the hotel is within walking distance of a light rail system. and students will be offered a campus dining plan. they will hold a housing plan meeting next week. it's hard for people to eat a healthy diet because better food is more expensive. that's a conclusion of a study
5:51 pm
conducted today by researchers from the university of washington. the federal government encouraged people to eat diets higher potassium and calcium. but doing that adds hundreds of dollars to the grocery list. >> anything that isn't gml or chemically processed is more expensive. >> organic food is more expensive, organic meat is. fresher chicken, sustainable fish. >> reporter: government has tried to offset some of the cost by giving the poor coupons for foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables. a happy ending to what was a terrifying story . we'll tell you what a teenager in southern california was thinking after he was buried in the sand for half an hour. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital --
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montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities --
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helping you do what you do... even better.
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there's apparently some sort of hick up with the michael jackson tribute concert. tickets were supposed to go on sale today. but a message popped up telling people to stand by for further announcements. there are reports of trouble lining up acts to perform. and as of today a concert line up has not been announced.
5:55 pm
luck and a heroic effort have brought a happy ending to a scary accident. a teenager was buried in sand and today he's talking about it. after an hour of digging a sand tunnel, suddenly the walls collapsed burying him 6 feet under ground. beachgoers grabbed whatever they could and began digging frantically. >> we got beach toys, we had sand castle buckets and tupperware that we were digging in the hole with. >> reporter: a rescue squad took over working frankicly to keep the walls from collapsing. he worried no one knew he was there. >> i was just thinking about everyone home, my mom. >> reporter: matt lost consciously then felt hands pulling him to the surface.
5:56 pm
the crowd cheered after he was pulled out alive 30 minutes after the collapse. fire officials say tunneling is a dangerous practice and that matt is lucky he survived. >> these incidents have a high mortality number. >> it's amazing everybody coming together. the life guard, and the fire department and all the rescue people. everybody made a big effort. >> there's been several tunneling accidents in northern california this summer alone. one boy was seriously hurt at a beach near watsonville. matt is thankful to have survive with no injuries at all. coming up in just 90 seconds. >> reporter: well in minutes the police chief and the mayor will face the people of east palo alto. we'll tell you why they're
5:57 pm
questioning with thousands of dollars. and an investigation is going on ho find out how a train sparked fires in oakley. a man's property that has been reduced to ashes, coming up.
5:58 pm
a freight train leaves a trail of fires fires behind
5:59 pm
it. the bay area business that's been reduced to ashes tonight. and a town that knows little about crime want answers. the money they want put back into their neighborhood to combat the problem. good evening i'm ken wayne, frank somerville is off tonight. >> and i'm julie haener. fire crews are mopping up in the east bay right now after a train sparked a cluster of fires. it happened near oakley in contra costa county. no one was hurt but the flames damaged a local business. rob roth is live into how the train started the fires. >> reporter: the grass fires all broke out near the train track. firefighters have a pretty good handled on this last grass fire. it was a lot smokier less than


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